The Long Walk To Vision Part One

So, I have gradually developed this ‘thing’ for Cartoons. I get to grab a lot of life lessons from it.

So, yesterday I watched an interesting episode, but most importantly I learnt a thing or two about life, vision and our journey to our dreams.

The story?

Here we go!

So this two set of animals (that used to be friends suddenly started a fight – the zebras and the Gazelles

And then the lion guard came to stop the fight (as they always do) and enquires what the fight was about.

They discovered it was because the grasses were gone, very few were left and it was obviously not going to be enough for both breed if animals – hence the fight for survival ensued.

** (sometimes the grasses in our hands need to finish so we can leave our comfort zone for a bigger you)

Then ‘Onos’, the eye of the lion guard looks far and sees this green land full of pastures on the other side.

*The problem? It’s on the other side- meaning, their is going to be a long walk to migrate to where the pastures were. A walk to that green land will definitely get them off their comfort zone, and exposed to the wilds *danger- and that is the long walk to vision.

**There is a land full of greener pasture ahead of you. Your ability to see it means you have a vision. Or VISION helps you see your possibilities (all that you can become but you haven’t yet become).

And when you catch a glimbs of your (greatness) greener pasture… Excitement sets in, Joy sets in. You dream it, you talk it, you feel it- but you aren’t there yet.

Most times, you start talking as though you already have the millions, the visa, the company, the stage, the platforms. It’s not your fault – you have caught a VISION (you have seen something about your future *it’s like a bug! You cant help but shout ot out.

Wait! Just wait. Their is a journey ahead.

You know the funny thing about this journey?

I will tell you.

Here is it- you haven’t taken it before (but some people have, Yes some have *) so there are a few things you need to do before you take it.

Now this is what Caion did (by the way, Caion is the leader of the Lion guard)

First (after Ono) communicated what he saw(I mean the greener pasture on the other side)

He communicated the vision to the animals. Oh, a greener pasture ahead?

Why not?

Instead of staying here and fighting for the little left, why don’t we go over immediately?

*but it’s in the “outlands”! (But its outside your comfort zone, outside the unknown)

Oh yeah? We don’t care *of course as long as they are with the lion guard!


When people hear your vision, when you can communicate it clearly for them to SEE – they will follow you. But it’s the responsibility of the visioneer to calculate the cost.

What’s the cost of your vision? Have you calculated it?

The next thing Caion did was simply Divine!


You know what he did?

I will tell you.


He consulted his grandfather above (by the way his grand father is Simba’s Father *the great Simba… You remember him?)


“Grandfather, the grasses in the prime lands are gone, the animals would soon run out of food and starvation would set in, but then there is this land at the other side of the prime lands full of green pastures, I understand that it would expose the animals to danger taking them there but obviously we do not have much of a choice if the animals must survive… Blablabal


I want to know… Should we go ahead and take the journey? ”


And the Grandfather says;


” Caion, you have what it takes to lead the animals to the greener pasture which you have seen ahead of you – have faith in your capabilities and lead the animals on the journey ”


” Thank you, grand father “! Says Caion



God gave you the vision – he allowed you to see the possibilities you could achieve, he knows the dangers ahead… Don’t put him aside as you make the journey!


*This post is already getting too long, and I need to work on my business right now,

Can we continue later, please?



What have you seen ahead of you that you can’t wait to grab?


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