Recently something ‘shocking’ happened.

You know sometimes you meet people on Facebook and through their content, they become your “friend” because somehow, they are ‘like-minds’.

So for some time, I haven’t been following his post until recently I came across his posts while scrolling past my news feed…He was practically insulting Christ our dear Lord.

He says he has denounced Christ and Christianity or any other religion brought by the Europeans is nothing but a fraud

Well, the long story short?
I was dumbfounded…but I smiled

I smiled because it is not NEW …This kind of stuff has happened before and it will keep happening.

You see, human nature is rebellious in nature…we want to be like God, we want to see the end from the beginning, we want to be ahead, be heard, be seen and be known as something bigger…

Nothing wrong with that quest…but you see, why try to dethrone God when he has held nothing from us…?

Why try to be God when we are God’s?

We are his image and likeness…we are like him and in us, he lives.

But you see the problem… a man in its natural self will always go astray without the help of someone ..  without the help of someone more wiser in us…and that is…The Holy Spirit.

And that is why we must not let the fire go out! No, we must not.

Not Sin…not hate… not quest for knowledge…or power!

We must not stop listening,we must not stop loving, we must not stop seeking God, we must not stop the Holy Spirit..no we must not take a walk without him!

So my dear Believers…have you started a work with the Holy Spirit?
Do you really have a close walk with him in your Christan faith?

Or have the fire been blown off?

I just ‘restarted’ my walk with him though..and it’s sweet!

You see, I have fought, I have sort knowledge…I have sort wisdom in books and nooks…
But I suddenly realized that the God in me havn’t been expressed…I haven’t given him enough time, enough chase..and so I sort him.

My dear….how far?
Wisdom is not found in the high and lows

Not in books not in shallows…not in cults or in fraternities….it’s within you…it’s the God in you…but you have shut it up..locked it to your own peril!

If you are not sure anymore whether the ‘fire’ is still there…this is what you must do…..Ask ..seek…knock and you shall receive!

Do it now.Now …I mean Now.. invite the Holy Spirit into your life, invite the Spirit of Christ..activate it…do not allow sin and carnality take your exploit power away…do not!

I rest my case.

With him, you can create wealth, do exploit..but most importantly stay humble and love more… without him, you are a natural man, you can be callous, you can be hateful and still be a ‘believer’

Don’t let the fire out!

#God is enough

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