Imagine You Have Too Many Customers Lined Up Waiting To Buy From You Every Single Day!

Just imagine it!

One of the deepest pains of entrepreneurs, creators and business owners is finding their buyers (those who need the services or products they offer) and consistently have them buy and buy again.

If you own your own business and still constantly struggle to get high paying clients you had better pay attention to this post and grab the exact marketing and sales strategies I used to grow my new business into six figures in four short months!


Yes, you heard me.

This is what most entrepreneurs do. (Below).

An entrepreneur sets out to conquer the world with his new idea, turn it into a product or service –it’s so cool and ready to deliver –bam! No customer.


And then he realizes how difficult it is to get money in exchange for his skill, product or services


Every day, people shout about earning a skill; you hear stuff like:

Start a business,

Write a book,

Sell digital products

Start a mini importation business

Learn make-up or graphics design

Or become a consultant… blab la blab.


And so, you go start a business in the area of your skill. Then you don’t have a single customer lined-up to drink from your great skill, product or services.


In fact, not having a system to constantly attract customers who are willing and able to pay for your products or services is the bane of every business.


More and more businesses have closed because of this, and every year tons and tons of businesses shut their doors on a daily bases because of this same issue-sales.

Why did some big airlines shot down in Nigeria? Why do companies retrench staffs? No sales.


Now, if it were only the owners of those businesses that went home after their businesses shut down, it would have been fair. but consider the fact that someone’s dad is going to lose a job in that process, a breadwinner is going to fall back on the streets with nothing, and workers who solely depend on their monthly salaries are heading home to meet empty plates and disappointed faces that reminds them of their failure as breadwinners- all because of a single factor sales!


So you see, it’s a chain reaction.

A company is formed without a solid marketing and customer attraction plan or strategy and then people go home one day because of a failed marketing system.


It happens in big firms, it happens in small businesses or self-employed business models as well. It doesn’t matter if you have a large marketing and sales department or a fat marketing and sales budget any more, times have changed. Customers have become more aware, more demanding and have more options than before-customers now have access to the internet!


They live online, they eat online, they gist online and most importantly –they buy online too!

And with this realization, the smart business owners go online too- where the customers are!


Look, let me tell you dear smart business owner-employer of staff and payer of salary!


It doesn’t matter if you are the best in your field. It doesn’t matter if you are the best career/life coach. It doesn’t matter if you are the badest graphics design coy in Lagos. Most creative photographer, most inspiring speaker/author. Best construction or Realtor Company. it doesn’t even matter if you have ‘chopped witch in your craft’ and everybody knows you are the don-if you/your sales force lack a customer attraction system that helps you get high paying customers to line up to buy from you on a consistently predictable bases, you will shut down business in a few short months or years- it’s just the sad reality awaiting you!


But don’t freight- I got your back.


“What is this ‘customer –attraction system’ that helps businesses attract their customers on a consistent predictable base and how do I get to establish one for my big or small firm”?


What it means is that if you have the system installed, instead of chasing after customers, customers will chase after you.

You get to choose who to work with.

It’s like a tap. You turn it on when you want more customers and turn it off when your desk is full!


Imagine that!

I mean, no more sales struggle if you have it! That is -too many sales on daily –monthly bases!

Sounds too good to be true?


Let me show you how I grew my business with it in four short months.


For six solid years, I left my craft and began to study the ropes of online/digital marketing and sales funnel building.

I knew that starting a business was great but making sales was more important than the business itself-so out rightly, I understood that mastering the skills of marketing and sales (especially with the use of the internet) was more important than delivering the services I was going into-so I paid attention to what matters most (something most business owners never do).


I became intrigued and fascinated by the huge possibility it gave my business and I was able to attract a lot of customers in a very short period of time.


Below is one of the digital marketing systems I used to constantly attract a greatclient base and make consistent sales:


Step 1

Design a landing page

I created a landing page for a  particular product – a landing page/squeeze page is where you send traffic to (it can be paid or organic) but I ran very high converting yet economical FB ads that generated lots and lots of targeted potential customers who were interested in my offer.

These are known as ‘cold market’ because they do not know, like or trust me yet.

Your landing page is not your website, but your websites home page could also serve as your landing page, depending on how it is designed to achieve your targeted goal.

The landing /squeeze page contains a free stuff known as ‘lead magnet’.


Step 2

A lead magnet:

This is something that will help you collect the email contacts of these potential customers of yours. It must be something of value that would really grab the attention and interest of your potential customers. Something they would have paid for but you are offering free of charge, and it should definitely help solve their problem. This is effective because it automatically builds your authority level and trust.

Let’s say you sell wares and fashion accessories. Your lead magnet could be something like “how to combine wears that gives you a celebrity look even if you are on low budget”- (of course you don’t have to write the content of this eBook, you can always outsource it to a content writing firm like US, including your landing page contents).

It usually is a digital downloadable content. It could be a video, audio recording or eBook.

If your product is wedding dresses, your lead magnet could suggest the best method to plan your event or wedding. It should be something related to your product, where you educate them genuinely on how to go about achieving the desired result. Then, inside you could make references to your product or services.

But the main aim of a lead magnet is to attract and capture their contacts so as to move these visitors, from visitors to customers and even loyal fans.


A presales page could also work well, depending on what you are selling. A presales page with a good educative article and then you send them up to your landing page if they want more help from you. It’s so easy to get potential customers that way. Because if, you can get someone to give you his time (via reading your story or educative article, then soon enough, he would give you his money. it’s that simple.


Next is:

Step 3

An email setup system or chatbot system:

This is an opt-in system where you finally collect their contact detail in other to build rapport and thrust and finally up-sell and resell your goods and services.

It’s also important that you first build rapport by offering more value upfront, exposing them to your offer, countering objections and making good sales via your email marketing system.


If your email copy is good, this is where you move these visitors from cold (those who never knew you before, to warm market (those who now know you) to hot market, those who know you and want to do business with you.



Different marketing models apply to various business niches and types, what I stated above is just the simplest generic customer attraction models any or most business could apply. I have been able to help my clients design tailor-made systems that worked like magic for their businesses.


So, it’s your call- go apply it! Quit struggling or chasing client- let them chase you!


As simple as this sounds, 90 % of businesses in Nigeria do not have a system like this. I hope you begin to take action to review your marketing and sales model to inculcate what works in this current digital age.


If you had like us to review your current marketing and sales system, do book a consultation session with us for free and we will take a sleek look into your business and come up with a speedy workable solution to boost your sales and marketing ROI.


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I hope this helps a business grow!

To your success.

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