How To Sell While You Sleep

Do you know you can actually have an automated marketing and sales system that helps you attract the right clients and make sales consistently while you sleep?

Sounds crazy right?

Yeah, I know. But it’s easy.

You probably doubted because, you are not having that kind of system right now coupled with the fact that we are in a ‘spoilt’ customer centered age, selling has become way more difficult to achieve- for many people and businesses.


Little wonder 8 out of every 10 business that were established shot down their doors every year because of this four letter words-sales.


There are obviously more options for customers today, than they were before. Customers have become more enlightened and buy not because of adverts seen on big screens anymore-so it’s no longer about being a ‘big name’, having a fat marketing and advertising budget or having a cute marketing and sales department.

Ability to create quality products is no longer all that matters either, because poor products with great marketing systems, might still win the most outstanding market growth.

What then matters?


It’s about knowing the problems your customers face daily, and creating a solution-based product, rather than a product-based solution.


It’s about taking your customers through a ‘friendship process’ and holding their hands as they go through the buyers journey. And of course, you will agree with us that there is no better way to make this process easier than using the available digital and online funnels/tools available today plus an effective content marketing strategy that does the magic.


You see, when you have a way to attract and connect with your potential customers, and constantly keep your current ones engaged in ways they perceive ‘helpful’, you become the thrusted friend they have been looking for.

This is where most big brands fail.


In case you don’t know, Customers now have to be nurtured (than captured) until they know, like and thrust you/your brand to buy from you -it’s now about relationships and emotional connections- rather than being the ‘best brand’, big name or steady adverts on big screens.


It’s now about having an effective system that defines your brand, attract customers to you and an emotional way to communicate your message in such a way that triggers a connection between you and your potential customers; such that they begin to see you as a helper, an authority to reckon with and  a thrusted friend to buy from.


The question then becomes, how are you going to achieve all these-especially if you don’t know the exact strategy to consider

This is where we come in.

It’s surprising that most big brands still depend on big screens and TV commercials (which are untraceable) to make sales happen-rather than going the way of digitals. Online marketing strategy still remains the most effective, efficient and cheapest means of not only acquiring customers but keeping them- if done right.

It’s also a ‘sales sin’ to have a marketing department with sales force without a digital marketing knowledge and digital sales automated systems-in this digital time!


What do I mean by all this?


I will explain briefly.

If all your company has is a website, a marketing and sales department with a manager, a fat advertising budget and a digitally ignorant sales force without copy writing skills and persuasive sales skills-you have a problem.

To thrive in today’s competitive market this is what brands should do. (This is general though)

  • Have a well optimized website with clear call to action (especially on the home page)
  • Specific landing pages/Presales article (or videos) with lead magnets to attract targeted customers
  • A simple opt in form and Email marketing system to collect potential customer details
  • A well automated follow up email sequence with persuasive contents/copy that compels purchase
  • A follow-up email or blog posts that helps customers continually solve their problems

*Each brand or business may require specific systems or funnel

When you have this in place you will experience a steady flow of loyal customers who know, like and thrust your brand-and most importantly, you would be making a huge impact in the lives of people rather than just selling.

We will help you communicate your brand message in such an emotional and compelling way that leaves your customers no choice than to buy from you

We create digital sales and marketing systems as well as write engaging contents that helps build emotional connections and make sales happen in such an easy predictable way.

Struggling to grow your sales revenue?

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What we do:

We design predictable customer attraction system and sales funnels using digital marketing tools and expertise

We help individual brands and businesses struggling to acquire and retain more customers acquire more customers and sell with ease and style.

We help business owners take their products and services to the exact market they want to sell to and communicate the benefit of their products/services effectively that leaves customers begging to have their products

We write compelling contents loved by search engines that projects our clients as authority, create engagement and build brand trust leading to consistent sales as well as design customer attraction systems and online sales funnels.


What we can help you do:

We help you get seen and known online within the shortest possible time–we design websites and sales funnel (Landing pages, sales pages and email systems)

We write website contents, blogs, and sales copies, video scripts for both online ads and big screen commercials.

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