About Us

Mangrove360 Media is a creative digital marketing company out to help creatives, Talented & gifted individuals, Experts, busy entrepreneurs and big brands bridge the gap between them and their customers/clients/fans (those they want to serve).


We help them handle all their marketing and sales efforts (everything they ought to do to attract customers and keep them) by …

Setting up digital marketing and sales channels,

Creating and managing profit pulling contents across all digital channels,

Running ads and promoting their contents and

Managing their ‘brand voice’ across various platforms where their potential customers are…


We do this ….so they can focus on what they know how to do best (creating and delivering great products, experiences, and services) while still attracting a huge customer base, making more sales and more money in their business on a consistent and predictable base.


The Lady behind the Mission:

My name is Joy Ashiedu C, I help businesses (my clients) make more money by helping them attract more customers and make more sales using storytelling and digital Marketing strategies. Asides that, I love to help people gain clarity in life and business so they can become all that they were created to be.

One of the greatest struggles of businesses and business owners is knowing exactly who they serve or want to serve and devising strategies to constantly get them to buy from them.


My Story

In 2017 I wrote a book. A book I thought would change  lives- that was only a thought because I struggled to sell only 10 copies.

I took a look at why I failed. Why I was never able to reach more people with my message, change their lives for good and Make More  Money doing so- then I discovered I lacked one of the most important business skills ever needed in the universe-marketing & sales skills


I had a good message, I had a good intention-but I lacked the ‘voice and channel’ needed to reach my audience. I didn’t know much about copy-writing (a dangerous tool used by communication experts) to force you to buy anything they sell to you.

I had no idea what & how to set up a digital marketing channel and I hadn’t much money to gather the ‘guru’s; to do so for me.


I failed!- But I decided to learn.


And in soaking my legs into the waters, i realized i wasn’t the only one good at ‘failing’ like this- A lot of Creatives, talented folks, vibrant entrepreneurs, and even big businesses, – lack the skills, expertise or systems to get their solutions, voices, messages  out-and in front of the right audience- so, I decided to help them do just that-get their messages, products or creative voice-their businesses-their solutions- out!

I created Mangrove360media!


What we do is simple:

We help individual brands and businesses design, setup and communicate their messages across various online channels effectively so they can attract more customers and make more money while focusing on what they know how to do best in their business.


Set up digital marketing and sales channels For businesses 

Create and managing contents across all digital channels,(Social media management, blogs, website, and sales copies)

Run ads and promote contents and finished products or services

Manage ‘brand voices’ across various platforms where their potential customers are..


How We Do This?

We found out that Marketing and sales is a skill that most businesses, creatives or business owners struggle with. Yes, they are quite good at their services or products delivery (Skills or expertise) but lack the know-how of attracting customers to buying from them. So most of them wish they could see a firm or media partner whop could just handle that aspect for them while they focus on what they know how to do best-their product or service production.

So from market research to marketing channel setup( Website, branding works, sales pages/funnel), to communicating their message (copywriting and content writing) down to follow-up (email marketing) that will help enable conversion-we help you establish the right connection.


We are the link to your customers!

We are all about helping you acquire your customers. We help you locate people that are looking for you but are buying from your competitors because they can’t find you-because you don’t know how to locate them. Period. 

When you come to us, we consider the nature of your business, help you define and understand your market (people you want to reach out to or solve their problems with your offerings), once that is clearly understood, we then begin to design the right digital and offline strategy to reach them, then construct the right message they would understand and that will propel them to buy from you.

Isn’t that beautiful?

Our mission:

To help businesses, experts and talented creatives acquire more customers with ease, make consistent sales and Make More Money while focusing on their strengths/expertise.

Our vision

For every $1 given to us, our client would make over $2 back, ie 100% ROI!


Love to work with us?


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